Building Success Programme

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upReach’s Rise Building Success Programme is a 1 year programme of personalised career support for eligible undergraduates. The programme supports students to achieve their career ambitions with support applying for work experience, internships and graduate opportunities at any employer in any career sector. This programme is sponsored by property developer A​rgent LLP​ with current projects in N/NW London and Birmingham.

The aims of the programme are to help you explore your career options, develop key employability skills, widen your professional network, and, ultimately, to secure top opportunities that suit you and your career interests.

upReach is a social mobility charity, and our objective is to support students from under-represented backgrounds. This means every student we support (we call them “upReach Associates”) must meet our ​general eligibility criteria​.

To become an upReach Associate on the Building Success Programme:

Location​: You must be from Birmingham or one of the following five London boroughs; Barnet, Brent, Camden, Haringey and Islington.

University:​ You must currently be an undergraduate that is in full-time study in your first or penultimate year. This programme is open to students at any UK university studying any degree.

A-level grades (or equivalent)​: To be eligible for this programme, you need to have achieved 104 UCAS points.

Please note we consider grades on a contextual basis, meaning we also take into account factors such as the school you attended or the area you live in. We believe this gives us a better indication of your true academic potential.

All applicants complete our REALRating form, which will tell you your contextual grades. For example, if you achieved a B in A-level Maths, you may find that your contextual grade is actually an A, once your background is taken into consideration. We will consider your REALRating result when determining your eligibility.

When joining the programme, you’ll be matched with a dedicated upReach Programme Coordinator, who will get to know you and be on-hand to provide ongoing 1-to-1 support throughout your time on the upReach programme.

They’ll be able to give you extensive support at each stage of the job application process, including:

  • Reviewing your CV and offering feedback,
  • Reviewing your applications and cover letters for any application you make to any employer opportunity,
  • Mock job interviews, and
  • Assessment centre preparation

As well as support from your upReach Programme Coordinator, you’ll also have access to:

  • Exclusive work experience opportunities
  • Exclusive employer events, like insight days to help you learn more about different organisations
  • Extensive online resources, including guides to different employers, practise online tests, and career courses to help you explore your sectors of interest in more depth
  • Daily ‘Video Forums’ (webinars) to help you build your employability skills
  • Skills Workshops designed to develop your employability skills, which will take place on your university campus
  • Opportunity to be matched with a professional mentor in your sector of interest

upReach are able to provide this support as a result of sponsorship from property developer Argent LLP​, as well as our partner employers. For a f​ull list of our employer partners, please visit the upReach website​.