Unlocking upReach Associates’ Potential Through Professional Mentoring

upReach Associate Tom Burgess and Deloitte Manager Daniel Lister are a compelling example of an upReach mentoring partnership that has grown from strength to strength.

Matched by upReach in March 2017, their partnership has enabled Tom, an Economics undergraduate, to build confidence and develop consultancy skills and experience. Tom has applied these to his applications and interviews for professional services firms. The culmination of Tom’s success to date has been securing a Summer Vacation Scheme internship with Deloitte’s Strategy and Operations Consulting team in summer 2018, which he successfully converted into a graduate offer for 2019, and being awarded the springboard award for consulting at the 2018 upReach Associate Awards.


“upReach has provided an unrivalled level of support and opportunities.  I’ve found that working with Daniel has very much complemented the information and guidance provided by my upReach Programme Coordinator.  Our collaboration has covered a wide range of career development topics and sessions, including interview preparation, presentation skills and commercial case studies.  Daniel has been fantastic to work with.”

upReach makes a considerable effort to match students and mentors based on personal as well as professional interests. Daniel had previously attended the University of Nottingham and studied the same course. Tom and Daniel are both keen musicians, so had plenty to talk about when they first met.


“I remember meeting Tom for the first time at our offices in London and realising we had a lot in common. Since then we have had Skype calls regularly and often meet up. It’s been great working together to identify and develop Tom’s strengths and opportunity areas.

“We have used every opportunity to develop Tom’s consultancy skillset.  We created a 12 month consultancy style project plan to ensure we plan our sessions towards key milestones for Tom, such as interviews.  We have worked through a series of case studies where I have played the parts of various stakeholders for Tom to work with. Tom has developed commercial, strategic and operational awareness through the case studies as well as analytical and presentation skills.”

Daniel enjoys being a mentor and is delighted with Tom’s progress and achievements.

“Collaborating with Tom over the last year has been a great experience. It is a pleasure to work with someone at the emerging stage of their career that is so driven to pursue his ambitions. I enjoy seeing the full extent of people’s potential before they do and then working with them to unlock it. Tom has huge potential and it is exciting to think where his talents will take him in the next few years.

“At Deloitte we are a diverse team and that’s important to our success. Respect and inclusion are central to our talent strategy and social mobility is an essential part of ensuring our colleagues reflect our society. The upReach programme is a great way to broaden the diversity of our applicants and empower them to make a positive impact when they join.


“The internship with Deloitte was a fantastic opportunity to get an even deeper insight into consulting. I had the opportunity to work with a diverse team of professionals and put into practice all the skills I have developed through my association with upReach and mentorship from Daniel.”

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