Speech: Universities Minister calls for true social mobility

“Speaking to the NEON summit on widening access and mobility, Universities Minister Michelle Donelan, outlines a new approach to social mobility.”

“I’ve been impressed by the innovation some providers have shown and it is now more important than ever to share ideas and good practice.

Initiatives such as upReach show what can be done.

They’ve recently launched a new range of Assessed Virtual Internships that have delivered opportunities for over 1000 disadvantaged students. They provide training in areas from communication skills to coding, with top performers recommended for graduate positions at leading firms such as Deloitte and McKinsey.

It shows what really can be done with technology.

We always need to remember why we are doing this – we are doing this to level the playing field by creating opportunities for those who for too long haven’t had those chances.

I do believe it is down to all of us to open up opportunities so that every person can rise to the position that their talents and hard work allows.”

(Source: Michelle Donelan MP and Department for Education, transcript of speech at the NEON summit on widening access and mobility.)

The full speech transcript can be found online here

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