People Management: Employers could be required to report ‘class pay gaps’ under social mobility proposals

John Craven, CEO of upReach, comments on a call by the Trades Union Congress to introduce legislation to tackle class inequality in the workplace, which includes their suggestion of making it compulsory for employers to report class pay gaps.

(Source: People Management, Siobhan Palmer) 

Social mobility charities welcomed the TUC’s proposals for “shining a light on the class pay gap”. John Craven, chief executive of upReach, told People Management that “legislation would help focus minds, helping tackle issues such as unconscious bias, micro-aggressions and other forms of indirect discrimination”.

While he accepted that “there is currently no consensus on how best to measure socio-economic disadvantage”, he said work had already begun in many sectors to understand which indicators should be used for any future data collection efforts.

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