Mentor Reflections – Chirag Vadhia

Chirag Vadhia is an upReach alumnus and graduate of York and Sydney universities. He is currently on the HSBC Global Banking and Markets graduate scheme, working as an Analyst in the Business Services Equity Research Division. He completed a summer internship at HSBC while an upReach Associate.

1) What impact did being an upReach Associate have on your university experience and career plans?

upReach built my confidence and opened up careers paths I had never considered before. I learnt about the Government Economic Service Summer placements from upReach in the weekly newsletter advertising opportunities available for students and I would not have gone on to work for the Office for National Statistics if it wasn’t for this. The regular contact with my programme co-ordinator developed my confidence and the My upReach portal provided me with many resources to help navigate the work environment.

2) You were mentored while you were an Associate, how did this help you?

I am still grateful that I was assigned a mentor by upReach who was currently working in the finance industry and could also relate to the backgrounds that upReach Associates come from. Having a mentor has been critical in helping me to gain a better insight of what different roles in the finance industry actually involve, the type of work that occurs on a daily basis and tips on how to make the most of internships and graduate schemes. I still regularly keep in contact with my mentor who has become more invaluable since I have started work!

3) Have you been able to apply what mentoring taught you in your role at HSBC?

Yes, almost on a daily basis! The most practical tip I’ve learnt is to always be expanding your network at work. I also regularly hold calls every few months just give updates on how I am progressing.

4) You’re currently working as an Analyst on the HSBC Graduate program – how’s this going so far?

The graduate programme has been challenging and rewarding. It’s an incredible opportunity to be sat with analysts in Global Research that are all experts in their own sectors; from Consumer Retail to Oil and Gas who are all very open and willing to help me learn. I also am studying for the CFA as part of the programme and have had many opportunities to attend conferences and networking events with the firm.

5) You’ve decided to become a mentor – why have you decided to do this?

As someone who has benefited from the advice and resources that upReach has provided for me, the least I can do is become a mentor! Giving back is the best place to start to keep the cycle going.

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