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Investment banks must do more to remove social mobility ‘roadblocks’, says watchdog

CIPD’s Greg Pitcher comments on the Social Mobility Commission’s findings. A report from the Social Mobility Commission reveals that recruiters from investment banks often overlook aptitude in favour of ‘fit’ and ‘polish’. This is reflected in the underrepresentation of people with a disadvantaged socio-economic background in front-office investment banking jobs. The commission suggests this may Read More


Top graduates missing out on banking jobs for lacking ‘polish’

The Guardian’s Amelia Hill reports on the Social Mobility Commission’s research entitled “Socio-Economic Diversity in Life Sciences and Investment Banking”. Graduates hoping to secure a job in investment banking should avoid brown shoes, flamboyant ties and ill-fitting suits the Social Mobility Commission’s most recent report suggests. The social exclusion found in the sector is caused Read More


Less affluent kids are locked out of investment banking jobs

A new report by the Social Mobility Commission highlights a culture of conformity in investment banking. Because investment banks focus their recruitment efforts on a small pool of elite universities, they are failing to hire talented undergraduates from less advantaged backgrounds. This is also due to the tendency to hire those that fit in with Read More


UK study shines light on value of university degree

The Financial Times’s Public Policy Reporter, Gonzalo Viña, discusses the new IFS study. This first ‘big data’ approach to graduate earnings highlights significant variations in earnings depending on student background, degree subject and university attended. According to the IFS’s research, graduates from richer family backgrounds earn significantly more after graduation compared to their poorer counterparts Read More

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Top jobs still dominated by privately educated, study finds

Sebastian Mann from the Evening Standard discusses new research published by the Sutton Trust. According to a recent report published by the Sutton Trust, privately educated students continue to dominate Oxbridge intakes, government, the media and other elite professions. This means that young people from disadvantaged backgrounds are less likely to land influential and financially Read More