Associate Blog: Emily on what she gained from the KPMG Professional Experience Week

Emily is in her second year at Liverpool University studying Accounting and Management, and has been an upReach Associate since December 2016.

Last July Emily spent 4 days in KPMG’s Canary Wharf office as part of the KPMG Professional Experience Week – here she shares her insights.

What did you do at the Professional Experience Week?
I attended numerous skill workshops throughout the  4 days, and I was also fortunate enough to shadow two different professional service areas. Here I was able to network with a range of employees – which also led to attending a function for the Central Services!

How did the experience benefit you?
Not only did I gain an insight into a company I am really interested in pursuing a career with, I found out information in much more depth than I could’ve even imagined. I was also able to broaden my network with other upReach Associates in my position, as well as with people who work throughout KPMG.

Did your perception of the company change? Why?
Although I already had a very positive attitude towards KPMG, since the Professional Experience Week my perception of the company has only improved. During the week I was able to learn about the perks of working within the firm, alongside seeing them action – this was especially the case when shadowing a Senior Manager within Central Services. Additionally, after experiencing the working conditions and general atmosphere within the workforce, it has been made even clearer that this is a firm I will continue to work towards.

Why do you think these types of opportunities are important?
Opportunities like Professional Experience Weeks are very important, as I feel no amount of other communication can come close to what a first-hand experience teaches you – especially in such an aspirational company as KPMG. People are able to network, share ideas, and test the water in many respects, which I feel also helps motivate those who want to try hard and use their time efficiently. These experiences help people define what they do or even don’t want from their career; I feel both outcomes are as important as each other.

What was your favourite part of the Professional Experience Week?
My favourite part of the week was shadowing an employee. I was fortunate enough that both people I shadowed were as enthusiastic about me making the most of the opportunity as I was! Within the People Function shadowing on Wednesday, I felt included and part of the team – despite having barely even considered that line of work prior to the week. Thus, I have left with a network I will stay in contact with, and even more areas of interest. Thank you!

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