Outcomes of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Social Mobility

the upReach View, Jade Azim, Programme Coordinator:

Last week the All Party Parliamentary Group reported its findings on social mobility, or the lack of, in top professions. upReach’s CEO, John Craven, was part of a panel giving evidence to the All Party Parliamentary Group alongside former Associate Archie Brixton and the Chief Executive of The Sutton Trust. The All Party Parliamentary Group’s subsequent findings on the class ceiling and access into top professions provides further evidence that social mobility is still largely static in the UK.

As Justin Madders MP, Andrea Jenkins MP and Baroness Tyler of Enfield note, “”we need to become better at inspiring our youngsters to reach their full potential especially for those who start out at a disadvantage””. upReach and organisations of the third sector remain committed and determined to achieving this goal, working with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in improving confidence and developing the necessary skills to exceed.

It is noted that alongside formal education, “”an informal education such as the learning of soft skills”” plays a significant part in success in the recruitment process. We seek to ensure soft skills are ably developed outside of the top 7% in private schools and elite education where such skills are ingrained into the curriculum.

Employers of course have their part to play too, and we believe partnerships with organisations like upReach, and understanding that there is a pool of unexplored talent that should be considered, is hugely beneficial to the advancement of social mobility.

Some of the key conclusions include:

– Financial barriers to accessing the professions should be minimised
– Recruitment practices should be fair and transparent
– Careers advice for young people needs to be significantly improved
– Focus should be put on aspirations, soft skills and extra-curricular activities

Read the full report here.

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