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Financial News: upReach CEO highlights the importance of developing employability skills to boost social mobility in the finance sector

John Craven, Chief Executive of upReach, talks with Becky Pritchard at Financial News on the difficulty faced by disadvantaged candidates applying to jobs in the City. John Craven said: “Often what you will see is that students [from less advantaged backgrounds] will get to the final round interview and they won’t get beyond that”, explaining that Read More

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upReach launches new recruitment tool encouraging employers to consider contextualised A-Level grades

upReach is launching an ambitious new campaign to encourage all employers to follow the lead of universities and embrace the use of contextual data, with the innovative new REAL tool. Employers taking advantage of the new contextualised A-Level grades, known as REALratings, can identify hidden talent they may otherwise miss. For decades, universities have used Read More

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Associate blog: Sabina on the upReach Banking & Finance Springboard launch

The upReach team this week introduced its Banking and Finance Springboard, and I was fortunate enough to be invited to this week’s launch event. The Springboard is a set of activities which helps students from less-privileged backgrounds learn more about Banking and Finance, while building confidence and the technical skills crucial in making competitive applications. The Read More

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upReach welcomes Social Mobility Employer Index; calls for employers to make greater use of contextual data

Commenting on the launch of the Social Mobility Employer Index, which for the first time ranks employers on the actions they are taking to boost social mobility, John Craven, Chief Executive of upReach, the social mobility charity said: “upReach welcomes this important benchmarking exercise and encourages those firms that didn’t participate to seek to achieve Read More

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Associate blog: Alexandra on her experiences at the KPMG Professional Experience Week

“I gained more knowledge of the professional services industry and how to network.” upReach Associate Alexandra McLeod shares her experiences of the Professional Experience Week at KPMG, and how it helped shape her perceptions and aspirations for the future: Which Professional Experience Week did you attend? I went to the KPMG Professional Experience Week with upReach. It Read More

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upReach partners with Bank of America Merrill Lynch to help improve students’ access to Financial Services

The social mobility charity upReach has partnered with Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BofAML) in an effort to help improve access to the Financial Services sector for students from less-advantaged backgrounds. Through this new partnership with BofAML, funding will support upReach’s new ‘Banking and Finance Springboard’, a programme designed to help 90 students from less-advantaged Read More

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Associate blog: Fatima on how upReach helped her secure a dream internship

  “I cannot emphasise enough how much upReach has helped me!” King’s Associate and Spring Insight Programme convert to Summer Analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch Fatima explains what upReach means for her. How has your experience with upReach helped you? Being an upReach Associate has been incredible! Being the first in my family Read More

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Untalented rich still earn more, says Greening

The BBC reports. Low-ability youngsters from wealthy families go on to earn more money than their more gifted, poorer counterparts, Education Secretary Justine Greening has said to a Social Mobility Commission event. Children from high-income backgrounds who show low academic ability at age five are 35% more likely to become high earners than poorer peers Read More